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Success, as with most things, starts with a vision, achieved with unity. I believe in unleashing the utmost potential of our team; reaching new heights together because teamwork wins championships!

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Propnex is a prominent online marketplace in Cambodia, specializing in facilitating transactions within the real estate market. The platform serves as a dynamic hub for buying and selling properties, including residential and commercial real estate. Users can explore a diverse range of real estate listings, such as houses, apartments, commercial spaces, and land.

Property Valuation

Our team of experienced real estate professionals utilizes the latest industry tools and market analysis techniques to ensure the most precise property valuation.

Property Management

Welcome to Propnex, where we take the hassle out of property ownership with our comprehensive property management services.


At Propnex, we are committed to providing exceptional support for all your property needs. Our dedicated support services are designed to assist property owners.


Explore a wide range of commercial properties available for sale. From office spaces and retail units to industrial complexes.


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PropNex Elite


Alan Neo


Alan Neo has 15 years of experience in the real estate industry and has cultivated the company to a well-respected, reputable, and reliable standard amongst clients and partners. He has established his reputation for building relationships and helping many real estate investors and customers trade their real estate assets at a competitive price and professionally. Regarding his work experience, Alan has undertaken real estate sales for more than 100 projects and properties with a combined value of circa US$500 million.

Thida Ann

Managing Director (MD)

Ms Thida Ann is a highly experienced managing director at PropNex Cambodia, who has spent an impressive 13 years in the real estate industry. With in-depth knowledge in tax and regulation along with her excellent networking and communication abilities, she brings a robust skill set to her job. She possesses a full suite of well-developed skills in areas such as brokerage services, valuation, marketing consulting, and property management, making her an invaluable asset to the company. Her extensive familiarity with the industry and her passion for her work have allowed her to successfully lead her team and drive the growth of PropNex Cambodia.