Affordable new projects around $1500/㎡ in Phnom Penh!

Urban Village Phnom Penh 2 Phase consist of E building, F building, and G building, including studio, one bedroom type, two bedrooms type, three bedrooms type, four bedrooms type, and LOFT.  Apartment use area 31-107㎡, LOFT use area 62-74 area. Well equipped home appliance and furniture, total price start from 60K dollars. Developer promise leaseback property for 2 years with annual 8% return yield rate, property management fee 0.8$-1.2$/m²/month.

Price:start from $1700/m²

Location:Meanchey- Phnom Penh

Recommendation reason: affordable price, excellent facility, rich education source

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Published:2020-09-13 00:27:04    Last Update: 2020-09-13 00:27:04